Located in the heart of the Golfo Paradiso, Camogli is one of the most popular seaside villages of the “Riviera di Levante”. The village is tucked away between the sea and the Portofino mount and its history it is rich of culture and prosperity.
Indeed its ancient origins date back to the thirteenth century BC. At the beginning the village developed in the area around the “Castel Dragone”, the famous castle used to defend the village from the attacks by pirates and enemies.

In the nineteenth century BC the village enjoyed its heyday thanks to the expansion of the port. From the sixteenth century BC in fact people of Camogli became ship owners, able to build larger and larger sailing ships which were able to sail through the oceans to trade anywhere in the world.
At that time the reputation of the city grew beyond measure enough to be nicknamed “The City of the Thousand White Sailing Ships”. Elements now remain of the glorious past in the delightful marina full of wooden fishing boats, pleasure boats, and in the “carrugi”, cobbled narrow streets which climb up the houses clinging to the hillside.

Arriving by sea, then, Camogli is beautiful with its pastel colours imprinted on the façades of houses reflecting in elegant shades of sea views. Therefore it is difficult not to be enchanted by this city, romantic and timeless.




Punta Chiappa is a little corner of paradise where nature meets history and traditions.
Characterized by a sharp stretch of land, “la punta” (the point) reaches the sea from the Portofino Promontory, as being part of the Portofino Natural Park, the Marine Protected Area and the Municipality of Camogli. Once considered as a cardinal site by fishermen, this ancient fishing village is today used to enhance the culture of the sea and the fishing traditions, especially by our Ittiturismo (Ichthyic-tourism) and the Fishing Museum.

An enjoyable boat ride connects Punta Chiappa to Camogli, otherwise a beautiful path from San Rocco reaches Punta Chiappa, passing through San Nicolò di Campodimonte, across ancient holm oaks on a wild and suggestive trail. Either ways, the view is enchanting! Once the destination is reached, having a swim, snorkelling or diving are a must: in this special location, in fact, it is possible to encounter a wonderful variety of fish along the coast.

The shape of the sea bottom, rich of rocks and clefts, creates the perfect environment for groupers, amberjacks, sea breams and octopus, while the currents that brush the outer surface facilitate the growth of blooming sea fans. Impossible not to remain enchanted by this unspoilt corner of paradise.